When we interview local luminaries for #MYLAGUNABEACH they each bring new perspectives to the table. Everyone’s got a different favorite restaurant or bar or stretch of sand. But there’s one thing that almost all of them gushed about: the trolley
People love the trolley. 
For teens, it equals freedom—ferrying them from one cove to the next and providing easy date transport. For families, riding in the open-air streetcars is an activity that everyone loves with no planning required. The familiar double-ding of the bell sends shivers up the spines of kids and fills them with the joy of exploration. For older folks, the trolley’s vintage design is a throwback to a simpler time, when everyone wasn’t in such a rush.
More than anything else, the trolley is a way to experience the Laguna Beach ethos. It’s a perfect symbol for Laguna’s sunny friendliness and a spot-on metaphor for a town that wants to honor the past while moving bravely into the future. The trolleys themselves have a distinctly retro feel but the idea of conserving emissions and fossil fuels as you reduce parking strain is cutting-edge. 
All of which begins to explain why residents and tourists alike were thrilled when the city announced the expansion of trolley service. Beginning Friday, March 6th, the trolley will run each Friday, Saturday, and Sunday until summer service starts up on June 25th. The route traces Pacific Coast Highway—stopping at some of Laguna’s most secluded beaches, iconic restaurants, and can’t-miss sunset spots. As always, it’s a free ride, and those looking to be extra-efficient can now see the trolley’s status online using the Laguna Beach Travel Info App.  
There's just one kicker: it’s a “use it or lose it” type of situation. March 6th-June 25th is a trial period—if the trolleys don’t meet certain occupancy rates, the program will be in jeopardy. Which means simply: enjoy it, don’t wait, hop on! Make it a part of your weekend plan! Figure out a cool way to tie it into your day! 

Everyone loves the trolley. It’s time to climb aboard and show it. 

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