Stale chips and moldy salami sandwiches clutter the table. Trash covers the couch and floor while a brood of men sit around a table playing poker. They banter pretending not to care about one another. They are married, single or very recently divorced and sitting around the table for one unified reason; escape. This is guy time and a place to forget about the stresses of life. Though the escape quickly unravels into chaos when they realize one of their key players isn’t present. Thus begins the story of the roller coaster relationship called The Odd Couple.
The Odd Couple_Laguna Beach

I admit, I was born in 1978, placing me well beyond the heyday of The Odd Couple (stage play 1965. Film 1968. TV show 1970-1975). Though I’d argue my young (ish) age doesn’t place me beyond relating to the tone and subject matter of Neil Simon’s  award-winning play. We can all relate to the “opposites attract” mentality that happens in both romantic and platonic relationships. In The Odd Couple we have recently divorced Felix, the neat freak, who moves in with his best friend Oscar, also a divorcee and a complete slob. There really isn’t any way around the laughs that ensue when you throw these two opposites together in a small NYC apartment.

The height of the couple’s awkwardness comes when the divorcees decide to invite two single sisters over for a dinner date. Oscar quips to Felix while their preparing for dinner, “No time for a domestic quarrel. We have two girls coming over!” Felix can’t get past his perfectionism and fusses endlessly over the dinner and table settings. Once the sisters arrive it plays out more like teenage boys on an awkward first date than a date of men well into their mature life.

The Odd Couple_Laguna Playhouse

Without giving away the biggest laughs of The Odd Couple lets just say it is a play that transcends time and place to produce laugh upon laugh.  No matter your age you’ll enjoy watching a superb cast bring to life this opposites attract story.

If you’re looking for a way to make the most of a your weekend check out the best places to brunch in Laguna Beach and follow up your meal with seeing a matinee of The Odd Couple at Laguna Playhouse. Brunch and laughs, there’s not a weekend better spent.

The Details

On stage at Laguna Playhouse: Now through March 31, 2015


Parking: Across the street at Lot 11